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Joker's Poco Holly
Jodi Joker Jim x Upsets Leo Holly
Born: 05/25/96
Windy's pedigree

Tut Windy Chip

Windy turned out to be a real prize broodmare. She is a great producer of both color and conformation. All her foals have been colored and her older colts both went on to be stallions. Tut, her 2010 foal, is very easy going and shows the same great structure and conformation as his brother. He should excel as a stallion. Windy brings a strong foundation pedigree to the program including Joker B. and Chico's snowcap.

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Windy Foals
Tut Chocolate Chip Branden
2010 Foal by Prairie ShootingStar 2005 Foal by Matthew's Mandate 2004 foal by Dee Bar David

The Twins

Windy has proven her worth as a surrogate mom. In 2004, one of our other mares died just three weeks after giving birth. As we tried several of our seasoned mares to see if any would allow the filly to nurse, Windy kept persistently getting in the way. We never even considered trying her since she was a first-time mother, but eventually she annoyed us just enough that we decided to try it. It was successful from the start and Windy kept looking at us as if to say " I told you so" ! Windy and her " twins" did just fine. Brandan (her foal by David) is a beautiful bay colt. He has presence and plays well with others (after he got over being jealous). Mezza (her adopted daughter) developed into a well-muscled filly that is turning into an excellent performance horse.

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