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Prairie ShootingStar
HR Dance Cowboy Jack x Messers Genesis Star
Born: 5/28/03
Prairie ShootingStar's pedigree

  Montana Montana Montana  
Shooting Star, a/k/a Montana, is a black and white leopard. Montana has done an outstanding job on our broodmares. He has produced consistent color with great conformation. We couldn't be more pleased. His dam, Cloud, comes from long line of leopards, so his color is no surprise, but he was. We had no idea Cloud was pregnant when we bought her! See some of his foals below and be sure to check his current year foals on our foal page.
Some Montana Foals
Monty Mac Winnie
Sweet Pepper King Tut Jupiter

Montana's Baby Pictures
Montana Montana Montana
Photo at 2 weeks Photo at 5 weeks Photo at 2 weeks
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