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Mighty Mamba
Mighty Executive x Shiek's Charm
Born: 03/15/93
Mamba's pedigree

Abigail Mamba Smoke

Mamba has proven how valuable she is. Mamba foals have style, good conformation and excellent temperament. Her daughter, Prairie Smoke, is in our broodmare band and had her first foal, a leopard foal, in 2011.

Mamba has an impeccable pedigree and has a long list of famous ancestors including Mighty Shiek, Mighty Bright, The Executive and Bright Eyes Brother. Her dam, Shiek's Charm, was in our broodmare band from 1993 until her death and produced two of our broodmares, Mighty Mamba and A Charming Time.

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Mamba Foals
2008 foal by Prairie ShootingStar

Venus Fannie Mae Adagio
2006 Foal by Prairie ShootingStar 2005 Foal by Dee Bar David 2004 foal by Dee Bar David
Smoke Abigail Hoover
2003 Foal by Dee Bar David 2002 Foal by Dee Bar David 2001 foal by Dee Bar David

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