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Dollywood Plaudit
Poco Joe Plaudit x Jingles Julie Ann
Born: 04/13/92
Dolly's pedigree

Shoshonee Redbud Carmel

Dolly joined us in the Spring of 1999. She has had a dual role as trail horse and broodmare for us. Her foals are always beautifully conformed and have easy-going temperaments. Her foals on very consistent but she outdid herself with the bay roan filly, Carmel, she produced in 2008 by Prairie ShootingStar and her latest bay and white filly, Shelby, in 2011. Carmel and Shelby will be on the show circuit for the next couple of years both in 4H and on the Appaloosa circult and will then join the broodmares when she is done showing.

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Dolly Foals
Shelby Carmel
2011 foal by Prairie ShootingStar 2008 foal by Prairie ShootingStar

Cinnamon Opus Redbud
2005 Foal by Matthew's Mandate 2004 Foal by Matthew's Mandate 2003 foal by Dee Bar David
Molly Regina Shoshonee
2002 Foal by Mighty Matthew 2001 Foal by Dee Bar David 2000 foal by Dee Bar David

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